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Diabetic Foot Pain
Diabetes Mellitus Complications
Diabetic Foot Problem? Diabetic Foot Pain? -
Even More Diabetes Mellitus Complications!
Can I Do?

Diabetic Foot Pain and Foot Care Overview

Diabetes Mellitus Complications include several different diseases in which (typically), high blood glucose levels can lead to damage of the nerves (diabetic neuropathy), kidneys, eyes, and blood vessels, usually over an extended period of time.

The Importance of Efficient Diabetes Management When Diabetes Mellitus Complications Occur.

As if the problems above weren’t bad enough, diabetes also reduces the body's ability to fight infection. So if your diabetes is not properly and efficiently managed, organ damage and an impairment of the immune system is extremely likely.

Diabetic Foot Problem

Diabetic Foot Pain and a wide range of diabetic foot problems are extremely common in those with diabetes, and these problems can quickly become serious.  

If diabetes causes damage to your nervous system, you may not be able to feel your feet properly and diabetic neuropathy treatment by become necessary. Sweat and oil production that normally lubricates the skin of the foot is usually  impaired too, and these factors can combine  in creating abnormal pressure on the skin, the bones, and the joints of the feet. This  can then lead to breakdown of the skin of the foot. Sores (or worse - diabetic ulcers) may then develop.

Impaired Immune System
Diabetes can lead to an impaired immune system, which can make it very difficult to for wounds to heal.  This is particularly so for wounds on the feet or lower legs. Bacterial infection of the skin and connective tissues, as well as the muscles and the bones can occur, and these diabetic infections can eventually develop into gangrene.

Impaired Circulation
Because of poor blood circulation in the feet, antibiotics can’t always get to the location of an infection. In some cases this can mean that that the only effective treatment is amputation of a foot - or even a foot and part of the leg.

If that isn’t bad enough – if the infection should spread, it can eventually get into the bloodstream, and this can be life-threatening.

Diabetes Treatment and Control is a Full-Time Necessity  

Diabetes sufferers need to be fully aware of how serious a diabetic foot infection can become, and take extreme measures to prevent foot problems from ever occurring.  They need to watch out for, and quickly recognize, potential problems, and to seek out immediate treatment when problems occur.

Treatments for diabetic foot infection have improved, and continue to improve, but prevention - including control of blood sugar levels - remains the best way to prevent diabetic foot infection - or any type of diabetes foot problem -  becoming more than a minor nuisance.

Examine Your Feet – Often  

Diabetes patients must learn how to effectively examine their own feet and also how to recognize the early signs of diabetes-related foot problems.

They should also put into place an effective routine for regular personal foot care, and be prepared to call a doctor if a problem even looks as though it has become serious enough to seek expert help.



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Diabetic Foot Problem
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